Leaked.Domains Notification of Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. This service is intended for business entities only.

  • Only registration with business emails will be permitted. All free or temporary email provider registrations will be canceled and blocked.

2. This service does not sell data to unauthorized 3rd parties.

  • After registration with a valid business email address, accounts will only have access to data pertaining to that specific email domain used for registration.
  • Access to additional domains must be made with the provided form in order to gain access to that domain data.
  • Leaked.Domains reserves the right to deny access to any data Leaked.Domains does not deem applicable to the requesting account.

3. Leaked.Domains is not responsible for the origin of the data contained within its systems.

  • Leaked.Domains is intended to act as a repository for leaked data in order for organizations to learn what data has been leaked, how it can effect their organization, and what steps they can take to remediate the currently exposed data, as well as attempt to prevent further damage from future database leaks.
  • Leaked.Domains had no part in the hacking or distribution of leaked data.
  • All data found in Leaked.Domains database can be obtained online in clear-net and darknet sites. Leaked.Domains attempts to provide a single resource for such data, however, customers are free to find any leaked databases pertaining to their organization.
  • Leaked.Domains will not provide support, assistance or information on obtaining leaked data.

4. Account access is limited to the organization which registered the account.

  • You may not resell, share, or transfer access to the application or API to any 3rd parties.

5. You must accept these Terms of Service to use Leaked.Domains.