Leaked.Domains FAQ

General Questions
A "breach" is when a website or service is attacked either by a vulnerability or poorly implemented access controls.

A "leaked database" is the data that an attacker takes from a breached site or service and leaks it online either by selling on darkweb markets or posting on hacker forums.

Countless sites are breached everyday and are likely having their databases leaked to the the dark-web or in hacker forums. It's trivial for even an average user with basic skills to locate and download copies of this data.
Which means it's more important than ever to know exactly where and what your employees are doing with their company emails.
Catching an employee's credentials in the wild before they are used by malicious attackers could save your organization a lot of time and money.
  • Leaked.Domains is not a general database repository for public access. It is intended for domain owners and authorized 3rd parties.
  • It is only possible to gain access to domain data if you can prove you actually own the domain or otherwise have permission to the data.
  • Leaked.Domains does not cater to individuals. In fact, registration will only permit business email address to register. All other access from free email providers are blocked.
  • Searching for individual (non-business related) emails is not possible for customers.
  • Leaked.Domains makes every effort to remove duplicate data from the raw results. This includes taking 'compilation' lists, which are gigantic lists of email:password from unknown sources such as Collection #1-#5, Breach Comp, Exploit.In, Anti Public, etc..., and combining them into a massive compilation table called CompDB. This ensures that the results you receive are not 'stuffed' with duplicate lines and are as accurate as possible.
    While some results from CompDB are found in other breaches already included in Leaked.Domains, significantly more data is not. Additionally, since the original breach is impossible to identify, Leaked.Domains found it more useful to show all results.
This service is not build to provide personal data or credentials to hackers or others users who might abuse such data.

This service is intended for organizations to help them understand what data is publicly available that could potentially be used against them either via Unauthorized Authenticated Access, predicting password patterns/habits, or mass phishing campaigns.
While your domain may not have any associated leaked data here doesn't mean that is hasn't been compromised in another breach. Leaked.Domains only contains a small subset of public leaks but makes updates to its database often. If your domain is not found in Leaked.Domains, try again at a later date.
Account Questions
A search can be performed on any email domain from the landing page.

Basic information that will be displayed:
  • A count of databases the email domain can be found in
  • A count of the total number of emails in Leaked.Domains' database associated with the searched domain
  • A count of the total cleartext passwords in Leaked.Domains' database associated with the searched domain
  • A count of the total hashed passwords in Leaked.Domains' database associated with the searched domain
All other functionality can only be accessed after registering and purchasing a subscription.
There is two options for confirming ownership:
  • 1: A verification email will be sent to admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, postmaster@ or webmaster@(yourdomain.com).
    • An option to choose which email to send to will be available from within the application.
    • Clicking the verification link within the email will give your account access to the domain data.
  • 2: Add a TXT record to the specific domain entry at your DNS register.
    • A unique key will be generated within the application to add to the TXT record
      • Consult your DNS register on the steps necessary to add a TXT record.
    • Click the DNS verify button when the entry has been added. (Propagation can take up to 48hrs. After that time, if the TXT record is still not being detected, please contact us at info@leaked.domains
Why require so much in order to access domain data?
Leaked.Domains takes security very seriously. The information contained within this application can potentially be used to gain access to your organization's infrastructure. Verifying that only valid user can access your specific domain data ensures that this information can't be abused by an unauthorized 3rd party.
Currently Leaked.Domains only accepts bank transfers. After signing up, you will be able to choose the access level you require and a invoice will be automatically generated.
Standard accounts:
  • Monitoring on 1 domain associated with the registering email address (after approval process is completed).
  • Notifications of breaches containing emails with your domain will be emailed to the account holder's email address
  • A PDF report containing a sample list of leaked credentials, password analytics and information about the breach origins
  • Support via Email and in app
  • API access limited to one query per month
Enterprise accounts:
  • Monitoring on up to 5 domains (after approval process is completed)
  • Notifications of breaches containing emails with your domains will be emailed to the account holder's email address as well as up to 4 additional contacts
  • A PDF report containing a sample list of leaked credentials, password analytics and information about the breach origins
  • Support via Email and in app
  • Full API access with unlimited queries per month
  • Export raw domain data in CSV or JSON from within the application
Legal Questions
Leaked.Domains is a service provided by Joe Black Security Co.LTD, a full service security company located and registered in South Korea. We pride ourselves on providing quality services to all our clients
  • Leaked.Domains provides data to clients who can confirm ownership of requested domains.
  • Leaked.Domains does not disclose any information of its clients.
  • Leaked.Domains assists and provides information to all law enforcement agencies.
    If you are a law enforcement agency, please contact us at info@leaked.domains for more information
Leaked.Domains takes great effort to ensure only the legitimate owners and authorized partied of the credentials contained within our database can gain access to the raw data. Any requests for access that do not meet our minimum standards for 'proof of ownership' are denied and users who attempt to abuse this system will be reported to the relevant authorities.
In most countries, data that has been 'leaked' to the internet, archived, and is accessible by any internet user, is considered 'Public Domain'. This gives LeakedDomains the latitude required to provide this service assuming that the client is the owner of the data in which they are trying to access.

With that said, this service may not be legal in your country. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure this type of service is legal in their respective countries BEFORE registering.
Leaked.Domains Database Questions
All of the databases in this service can be obtained online in clear-net and darknet sites. Anyone can perform searches in Google and find resources for downloading database data.
Leaked.Domains will not assist clients in obtaining a copy of any leaked data.
Leaked.Domains does not sell or trade databases.