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General Questions

What is a "breach" and a "leaked database" and where do they come from?

A "breach" signifies a critical security incident where a website or online service's defenses are compromised due to vulnerabilities in its system or inadequately implemented access controls. Cyber attackers exploit these weaknesses to gain unauthorized entry, potentially leading to the unauthorized access and extraction of sensitive data.

A "leaked database" emerges as the aftermath of a breach, manifesting when attackers successfully infiltrate a compromised website or service and extract its data. This purloined information is then illicitly disclosed in online environments. Attackers often either sell this data on darkweb markets, where illicit transactions are common, or share it within underground hacker forums to gain notoriety or profit. The leaked database can contain a vast range of information, such as user credentials, personal identifiers, financial records, and more.

The genesis of breaches and leaked databases lies in the relentless targeting of digital entities by malicious actors. With the widespread use of technology and the constant interconnectivity of online services, numerous websites and platforms fall victim to breaches daily. These breaches stem from various factors, including vulnerabilities in software, human errors, misconfigured security settings, or a combination of these. Once a breach occurs, the extracted data, now transformed into a leaked database, finds its way onto diverse platforms.

Leaked databases can surface on multiple online arenas, such as the clear-web, where public internet access is prevalent, hacker forums, known for their discussions on cyber exploits, and the darkweb, a hidden and encrypted realm of the internet. It's noteworthy that the accessibility of these leaked databases has been simplified, allowing even individuals with basic internet proficiency to locate and download copies of this sensitive data. This underscores the urgency for comprehensive cybersecurity practices, prompt breach detection, and proactive measures to prevent unauthorized access.

What makes Leaked.Domains different from other online database repositories?

Targeted Audience: Leaked.Domains is not a run-of-the-mill database repository accessible to the general public. Instead, it caters to a niche audience including LE/Gov entities, security researchers, domain owners, organizations, and authorized third parties. This exclusive focus ensures that the platform is harnessed by those with legitimate reasons for accessing and analyzing the data.

Enterprise Domain Ownership Validation: Access to data on Leaked.Domains is contingent upon valid proof of domain ownership or explicit permission to access the data. This stringent requirement enhances data security and safeguards against unauthorized usage.

Duplicate Data Removal: The platform employs meticulous measures to eliminate duplicate data from raw results. Leaked.Domains consolidates massive compilation lists, such as those from sources like Collection #1-#5, Breach Comp, Exploit.In, and Anti Public, into a comprehensive compilation table named CompDB. This curatorial effort ensures that users receive results devoid of inflated duplicate entries, fostering accuracy and relevance.

Comprehensive Coverage: While some results from CompDB may overlap with other breaches integrated into Leaked.Domains, a notable portion of data remains distinct. This diverse coverage aims to present users with an expansive dataset that may not be entirely duplicated across various breaches, providing a more comprehensive view of the landscape.

Focused Utility: Leaked.Domains is purpose-built to serve as a valuable resource for LE/Gov entities, security researchers, organizations, and authorized third parties. Its core mission is to enhance understanding regarding publicly available data that could potentially be weaponized against target organizations. This includes insights related to Unauthorized Authenticated Access, predicting password patterns/habits, and identifying vulnerabilities that might be exploited via mass phishing campaigns.

Proactive Threat Intelligence: The platform acts as a proactive source of threat intelligence, offering a panoramic view of potential risks. By identifying compromised data that could be exploited for Unauthorized Authenticated Access, predicting password patterns, or fueling phishing campaigns, Leaked.Domains equips users with actionable insights to pre-emptively address vulnerabilities.

User-Centric Design: Leaked.Domains is intuitively designed to accommodate the needs of its diverse user base. The platform's interface and functionalities are geared towards facilitating seamless navigation, efficient searches, and effective data interpretation, ensuring that users can extract maximum value with minimal effort.

Collaborative Ecosystem: Leaked.Domains fosters a collaborative environment, providing a platform for law enforcement, security researchers, organizations, and authorized third parties to share knowledge, insights, and strategies. This community-driven approach enhances the collective understanding of emerging threats and best practices, contributing to the broader security landscape.

Continuous Innovation: Leaked.Domains is dedicated to continuous improvement, with ongoing efforts to enhance functionalities, expand data coverage, and incorporate user feedback. This commitment to innovation ensures that users benefit from an evolving platform that remains aligned with the dynamic nature of cybersecurity challenges.

"Are we safe?"

The absence of associated leaked data within your domain on Leaked.Domains does not definitively guarantee your domain's security. While the platform may not presently display any linked data, it's important to recognize that the absence of such data doesn't preclude the possibility that your domain may have been compromised in another breach or security incident. Leaked.Domains encompasses a continually expanding subset of publicly available leaks, and its datasets undergo regular updates to reflect the evolving landscape of breaches.

It's advisable not to solely rely on the current absence of data as an indicator of domain security. Instead, consider it an opportunity to proactively assess and strengthen your domain's defenses. The absence of your domain's presence within the Leaked.Domains dataset may be temporary, and data associated with your domain could potentially surface at a later point.

To ensure ongoing vigilance and prompt notification in case of any future data inclusion, consider signing up for Leaked.Domains' asset monitoring service. This service offers the advantage of timely alerts when any data related to your assets are added to the Leaked.Domains repository. By embracing domain monitoring, you empower yourself to take swift actions to address potential security risks, enhancing your company's resilience against emerging threats.
Account Questions

Is account registration required to use Leaked.Domains?

Leaked.Domains extends the capability for anyone to initiate a simple search without necessitating prior registration. This approach allows users to retrieve result counts related to their search query, albeit confined to specific query tags.

Upon registration, users unlock a realm of additional search options and expanded functionalities. These encompass the ability to access data retrieval from select datasets. Specifically, users gain visibility into the first 10 results extracted from datasets encompassing DNS, Whois, Certificates, and Threat Intelligence. Notably, Leaked Credentials, PeopleDB, StealerDB, LinkedIn, and Facebook datasets' data remain redacted in this context.

For demonstration purposes, demo users can retrieve data from datasets up to 10 times per day. This offers a hands-on understanding of the platform's capabilities.

However, to make the most of the wide-ranging features that Leaked.Domains provides, it's essential to complete the registration process, acquire a subscription, and submit a signed Partner Contract. This step marks the gateway to accessing the full spectrum of functionalities available on the platform.

How can I confirm ownership of a domain on Leaked.Domains?

The process of confirming domain ownership involves two distinct options, each designed to accommodate different preferences and circumstances:

Verification Email Method: Upon selecting this option, a verification email will be dispatched to email addresses linked to the domain, including admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, postmaster@, or webmaster@(yourdomain.com). Within the Leaked.Domains application, users will have the opportunity to designate the specific email address to which the verification email should be sent. Upon receipt of the verification email, clicking the embedded verification link will grant the user's account access to the domain data, ensuring seamless verification.

TXT Record Addition Method: This alternative approach involves adding a TXT record to the designated domain entry within your DNS register. Leaked.Domains facilitates this process by generating a unique key within the application. Users are required to embed this unique key within the TXT record. For comprehensive guidance on adding a TXT record, consult your DNS register for the requisite steps. Subsequently, the process is finalized by clicking the "DNS verify" button within the application. It's important to note that propagation of this verification may take up to 48 hours. In case the TXT record is not detected even after this propagation period, our team can be reached at info@leaked.domains for further assistance.

It's important to consider that while these verification methods provide a robust means of confirming ownership, access might be restricted for domains associated with certain free email providers. In such cases, access to data pertaining to these domains is not granted to users.

Why require so much in order to access Leaked.Domains?

Leaked.Domains places a paramount emphasis on security, recognizing the profound implications of the data encapsulated within the application. This data encompasses not only the potential compromise of an organization's infrastructure but also extends to the compromising of an individual's personal accounts. The multifaceted risks inherent in data misuse underscore the criticality of our rigorous access verification process. By ensuring that only authorized users gain access to their specific domain data, Leaked.Domains mitigates the potential for malicious exploitation by unauthorized third parties. This comprehensive approach fortifies data protection, providing a defense against threats that could compromise both organizational integrity and individual privacy.

What payment options does Leaked.Domains offer?

Currently, Leaked.Domains exclusively accommodates bank transfers, paid in minium 3 month blocks, as the accepted mode of payment. An invoice will automatically be generated 15 days before the curren account is to expired and will be based on the current access level. It's worth noting that Leaked.Domains is actively engaged in expanding payment avenues to include credit card purchases. This forthcoming feature is being diligently developed and is expected to be integrated into the platform at the earliest opportunity, further diversifying the payment options available to users.
Legal Questions

Is this service legitimate?

Absolutely. Leaked.Domains is a reputable and trustworthy service offered by Joe Black Security Co.LTD, an established full-service offensive security company. We are not only located but also officially registered in South Korea (BR#272-81-00884). Our extensive track record in the cybersecurity domain is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional quality services to each and every one of our clients. As a responsible and accountable entity, we prioritize integrity, transparency, and adherence to ethical standards in all our endeavors. Our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of legitimacy is unwavering, ensuring that our users can confidently engage with Leaked.Domains knowing that they are dealing with a legitimate and respected security provider.

Who do we work with?

Leaked.Domains operates with a clear focus on delivering data to clients who can substantiate their ownership of requested domains. Our commitment to data security and privacy extends to our client relationships, where we maintain stringent confidentiality standards. We do not divulge any client information unless compelled to do so by applicable laws, and such disclosures are exclusively limited to relevant law enforcement authorities. Emphasizing our dedication to ethical collaboration, Leaked.Domains actively collaborates and provides support to all law enforcement agencies. If you represent a law enforcement agency seeking further information, we invite you to initiate contact with us at info@leaked.domains. Our engagement with law enforcement underscores our mission to foster responsible data usage, enhance cybersecurity efforts, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and legitimacy in all our interactions.

Is this site legal?

Absolutely. Leaked.Domains operates with a steadfast commitment to enforcing stringent measures that grant access solely to legitimate owners and authorized parties. Our meticulous verification process ensures that only individuals and entities meeting our rigorous standards for 'proof of permission' are granted access to raw data. Any attempt to circumvent these safeguards or misuse our system is treated with utmost seriousness. In such instances, users engaged in abusive or criminal activities will be promptly reported to the relevant authorities, reinforcing our dedication to ethical and accountable practices.

It's important to recognize that in many jurisdictions, data that has been 'leaked' to the internet, archived, and is accessible to any internet user, is generally classified as falling within the realm of 'Public Domain'. This classification empowers Leaked.Domains to offer its service while adhering to legal frameworks. This holds true when clients can demonstrate ownership or authorized access to the data they seek.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that legal perspectives can vary across different countries. While Leaked.Domains operates within legal boundaries based on prevalent interpretations, the legality of this service may not uniformly align with every country's regulations. As users, it remains incumbent upon you to conduct thorough research and ascertain whether this type of service is compliant with the laws of your respective jurisdiction before proceeding with registration.

Our unwavering commitment to legal adherence, transparency, and responsible usage underscores Leaked.Domains' dedication to providing a legitimate and ethically-driven service. By embracing these principles, we aim to facilitate meaningful engagement with data while respecting diverse legal contexts.
Leaked.Domains Database Questions

How did you obtain the data in your database?

The data encompassing all the databases available through this service has been sourced exclusively from online platforms accessible through clear-web, hacker forums, and darkweb sites. It's crucial to emphasize that these datasets are publicly accessible and can be retrieved by anyone through simple searches on platforms like Google, which can yield resources for downloading leaked database data.

At Leaked.Domains, our ethical stance is unwavering. We strictly refrain from any involvement or assistance in sharing copies of leaked data. Our commitment to responsible usage extends to ensuring that our clients, while leveraging our service, understand that we do not partake in any activities related to obtaining or distributing leaked data. This principle underscores our dedication to maintaining an ethical posture and providing a legitimate service that aligns with recognized standards of legality and professionalism.

You have a database I would like to get a copy of. Can I...?

Leaked.Domains operates on a resolute principle: we do not engage in the sale or trade of databases under any circumstances. Our commitment to ethical data handling and responsible usage extends to refraining from facilitating the distribution, sale, or trading of databases, regardless of the nature of the request. This steadfast stance underscores our dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, ensuring that our platform is utilized in a manner that respects legal and ethical boundaries.

However, it's important to note that users are welcome to share relevant data with Leaked.Domains for a purpose that aligns with our mission. By collaborating and contributing data, users and companies can collectively enhance their understanding of the threat posed by leaked data. This collaborative approach furthers our shared goal of fortifying cybersecurity efforts and fostering a community-driven response to emerging challenges.