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Terms of Service

1. Purpose and Usage:

  • This service is exclusively intended for security researchers, business entities, and LE/Gov entities committed to responsible data exploration. While leaked asset monitoring is accessible to all users, Leaked.Domains serves as a pivotal repository for leaked data. Its primary focus is to empower users with valuable insights, enabling them to comprehensively understand the leaked data landscape. By evaluating the potential repercussions, implementing effective mitigation strategies, and anticipating future challenges, users can enhance their security posture.

2. Access and Registration:

  • Security Researchers, Enterprise customers, and LE/Gov entities must adhere to a stringent access protocol. This involves the submission of a binding partner contract, affirming their commitment to ethical data usage. Initially, demo accounts are granted access to generic datasets, allowing users to gain familiarity with the platform's capabilities. Once the partner contract is secured, full access is granted. Similarly, Enterprise accounts gain data access pertinent to their registered email domain after successful domain ownership verification. Requests for additional domain access necessitate the use of the designated form and domain ownership confirmation. The discretion of granting access to specific data/domains rests with Leaked.Domains to ensure alignment with the requesting account's purpose.

3. Data Origin and Responsibility:

  • Leaked.Domains unequivocally disclaims any role in the origination of data hosted within its systems. The service holds no involvement in the process of hacking or distributing leaked data. All data available within the Leaked.Domains database can be independently sourced from clear-web, deep-web, and darkweb sources. Leaked.Domains seeks to centralize this data for convenience, but users are responsible for their own data acquisition endeavors. Importantly, Leaked.Domains refrains from aiding or providing support for obtaining leaked data, reinforcing the principle of responsible data usage.

4. Account Usage and Limitations:

  • The usage of accounts within Leaked.Domains is rigorously monitored to ensure ethical and responsible utilization. Accounts are strictly exclusive to the researcher or organization under whose name they were registered. Unauthorized reselling, sharing, or transferring of account access or obtained data to third parties without prior approval by Leaked.Dmoains, is strictly prohibited. Engaging in such activities will result in swift and permanent account suspension.

5. Data Usage and Liability:

  • Leaked.Domains acknowledges that users hold full accountability for their interactions with the platform and the data they encounter. By utilizing Leaked.Domains, users acknowledge their responsibility to adhere to ethical and legal standards in data handling. Any misuse or unauthorized distribution of data originating from Leaked.Domains will result in immediate and permanent account suspension. The service reserves the right to incorporate tracking mechanisms within data accessed from its systems, ensuring accountability and promoting responsible usage. In the event that a user is found to be abusing the data or engaging in activities that violate legal regulations, Leaked.Domains will cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken.

6. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Leaked.Domains welcomes a collaborative environment where researchers and organizations can share insights, strategies, and findings related to data breaches and cybersecurity. Users are encouraged to contribute responsibly, respecting the intellectual property rights of others and abiding by the ethical guidelines of the platform.

7. User Support and Assistance:

  • While Leaked.Domains doesn't offer support for acquiring leaked data, it provides dedicated customer support to address technical issues, account inquiries, and other platform-related matters. Users are encouraged to reach out for assistance via designated channels for prompt and effective resolution.

8. Compliance with Regulations:

  • Users are expected to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards while using Leaked.Domains. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that their actions align with the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to their region or jurisdiction.

9. Continuous Improvement and Feedback:

  • Leaked.Domains values user feedback and is dedicated to continuous improvement. Users are encouraged to share suggestions, report any potential issues, and contribute to the enhancement of the platform's functionality, user experience, and security.

10. Terms Modification:

  • These Terms of Service are subject to change at Leaked.Domains' discretion. Users are encouraged to periodically review the Terms to stay informed about any updates. By utilizing Leaked.Domains, you are expressly indicating your consent and agreement to abide by these Terms of Service.

You must accept these Terms of Service to use Leaked.Domains.